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The tomb of Samut, aka Kyky

The tomb of Samut, aka Kyky 

 a representation of Kyky kneels on the ground, paying homage to the god Ptah-Sokar.
The text only mentions his name and some of his titles.
 The god is represented by the image of his barque in a chapel which has the shape of the ancient sanctuary of Lower Egypt, the Per-nu (or Per-neset). A reminder that, according to the myth, the marshes of the Delta are the place of mystical gestation of the deceased under regeneration.
 So, in the chapel, the god Sokar is manifested by his henu-barque (see rp-575). This very special craft only came to represent the god at a later period. Another example of it is found in the temple of Sethy I, in Abydos, and in some tombs, i.e. tomb TT50, of Neferhotep

Tomb N° 409 is situated in West Thebes, in the Assassif
The tomb of  Samut, aka  Kyky

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