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TT343, the Tomb of Benia aka Pahekamen (or Paheqamen)

TT343, the Tomb of Benia aka Pahekamen (or Paheqamen)

They show the pilgrimage to and from Abydos. Here, the revered tomb owner travels - at least theoretically in the depiction on his tomb walls - to Abydos, in order to progress in the same way as Osiris, to be like him and to become Osiris himself.
•  Upper register: As Abydos is to the north, the boats travel with their sails rolled, using the current of the Nile (view bg_59). The barge containing only the mummified Benia, seated under a canopy, holding a whip in his hand, as seen in the Gardiner hieroglyph , A51 (view dm_7066). This barge is towed by the leading boat. Usually we find a couple, an additional proof that Benia was probably not married; a similar case is to be found in the tomb TT176 of Userhat.

TT343, the Tomb of Benia  aka Pahekamen (or Paheqamen)

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