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TT343, the Tomb of Benia aka Pahekamen (or Paheqamen)

South Wall, right-hand scene
The right-hand side of the south wall shows a scene of Benia sitted in front of offerings piled on a table and on mats A now anonymous, hacked out, man stood in front of the offering table, one arm raised.

The man was certainly a sem-priest wearing a leopard skin, who has been removed from the wall by the zelators of Akhenaten (for more details, see in the tomb of Rekhmire). Who he was remains conjectural as there is no name, nor family link, written above him; usually this role is played by the eldest son of the deceased, but Benia had no children. In the case people had no children of their own, they often adopted children to perform this important task later, or a servant of the deceased sometimes undertook this function.

A tabular offering list is presented above this person, with itemised contents and the relevant quantities: jars of water or beer, various kinds of breads, meat, honey, different kinds of wine, cakes and additionally natron for purifications Those offerings are said in the inscriptions to be "coming from the offering tables of Amun, the king of the gods and Re-Horakhty".

TT343, the Tomb of Benia aka Pahekamen (or Paheqamen)

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