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The ichneumon or the mongoose is known to be the enemy of snakes and can fight them and cut them into pieces. It was one of the sacred animals in the Late Period and was considered to be a principal supporter of the king and the people against the snake Apophis, the god of evil and darkness.
The god of the sun, Re-Atum, could be transformed into an ichneumon, to destroy darkness and evil. Thus, the ichneumon was worshipped by the people as the "figure of Re." It was also one... of the spirits of the underworld who protected the deceased against snakes during his journey.
This statue might have been placed in a shrine or niche in a cult place in the cemetery to protect the deceased against evil (snakes) and darkness. The ichneumon is depicted standing on a column with its forelegs raised, as if warding off evil and snakes. The body is incised with horizontal lines and spots to simulate hair; the face is well defined and realistically detailed.
JE 8662

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