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Title (object)
Papyrus Salt 825
Papyrus Salt 825: contains a composition entitled 'The End of the Work' in vignettes of black and red. This section of the papyrus consists of columns 8 and 9 and is written in a mixture of cursive hieratic, hieroglyphs and figurative hieroglyphs.
Inscription Translation
Shu manifests himself as a predatory wing; he makes a knot from the bristles of a bull, to be placed on the neck of this god — variant: to be placed on the neck of a man. Shu makes air for the nose of his son Osiris, to drive away those who rebel against him. They are intended for making the protection of this god, to safeguard the king in his palace, to fell those who rebel against him. WHAT IS SAID BY Shu, hidden in the sun-disk: 'Hide yourself in your house, (Osiris)! Rebels - that which comes as air will turn you away! You will turn back your faces, for I have made a knot to destroy your souls. I am Shu who burns your corpses to cinders!'
Inscription Comment
Column 8, rows 1-5, opens with a description of an amulet that is shown in a vignette at the bottom left of this section. The neo-Middle Egyptian text invokes the power of the god of the air, Shu.
British Museum

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