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Nefertari tomb.

Nefertari tomb.
The north wall, at the bottom of the stairway, marks the entry to the burial chamber itself, via a short passage. It is in the form of a door frame, with the door jambs decorated in large hieroglyphic texts, like those at the entry from the antechamber. The major difference being that here Nefertari is first identified as "the Osiris"; thus reading "The Osiris, the king's great wife, mistress of the two lands, Nefertari, beloved of Mut, justified before Osiris...". Strangely, the right-hand text ends with the hieroglyph which would normally start the phrase "who resides in the West".
The lintel contains a kneeling image of Ma'at, facing left with her arms outstretched supporting beautifully produced wings, reaching completely across the width between the two outer walls. The text above her, reading from right to left, states: "Spoken by Ma'at, the daughter of Ra". Here the text ceases to make sense, having only the words "protect" and "son" (although this should probably be daughter). This confusion could be resolved if Ma'at was introduced as part of the text, giving for the middle part: "I (Ma'at) protect (my) daughter,", then resuming with: "the king's great wife, Nefertari, beloved of Mut, justified".

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