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Statue of a king

Statue of a king
The statue represents a striding king, the left leg is put forward. The arms hang down beside the body, the hands hold the remains of some object, perhaps a staff. The statue has a back pillar. The stone between the legs has not been removed and is connected with the lower part of the back pillar. The king is shown in a rather stiff, conventional attitude. He wears only a short kilt with a belt and the nemes-head cloth with the uraeus. The various parts of t...he body are well-proportioned, in contrast with the head which is rather heavy and lacks individuality. The rendering of the body and the face has been influenced by Graeco-Roman examples, which is typical of the Ptolemaic Period.
Inventory number APM 7780
Archaeological Site UNKNOWN
Category STATUE
Material MARBLE
Technique HEWN
Height 73 cm
Width 21.5 cm
Depth 18.5 cm
Bibliography•W.M. van Haarlem (ed.), CAA Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam, 1986, 25-27
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