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Stela of Nesamun

Stela of Nesamun
A rectangular stela with a rounded top. The images and inscriptions have been carved in low relief. At the top is a winged sun's disk with a legend. Beneath this is an offering scene showing Osiris and Isis on the left and the stela's owner Nesamun on the right. In between the protagonists stands an offering table laden with gifts. The third register is taken up by an inscription.
Present location KUNSTHISTORISCHES MUSEUM [09/001] VIENNA ...
Inventory number 119
Dating 26TH DYNASTY ?
Archaeological Site UNKNOWN
Category STELA
Technique RELIEF
Height 64.7 cm
Width 34 cm
Depth 7.4 cm

An offering which the king gives to Osiris-Khontamenti, the great god, the Lord of Abydos, so that he will give a funerary offering of bread and beer, meat and poultry, incense, linen and unguent, wine, milk, and all good, pure and sweet things on which a god lives, to the Ka of the Imi-is, Heseku, the one who embraces the udjat-eye, the Royal Friend, the monthly priest of the fourth phyle Nesamun, the son of the equal-ranked Pa-di-aas, true of voice, the son of the equal-ranked Nesamun, son of the equal-ranked Ankh-paief-heri true of voice; born of the mistress of the house Nes-hathor.
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