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Cartonnage Mummy Mask of Isis

Cartonnage Mummy Mask of Isis
The tomb of Sennedjem was used to bury some other members of his family. The cartonnage funerary mask belongs to Sennedjem's sister-in-law, Isis.
The mask was made of several layers of plastered cloth, upon which her facial features were painted in bright colors.
Created to cover the mummy in the inner coffin, the mask shows Isis' rounded face. Her nose and lips are modeled in subtle relief. Her earlobes, adorned with gold earrings, are visible on both sides of her fleshy face.
On her head, she wears a long wig fashionable at this period. The wig is bound at the top with a wide floral fillet, or ribbon. It is tied at the sides with intricately patterned ribbons. Over the chest is an enormous floral collar with ornamental lotus flowers.
Isis, Sennedjem's sister-in-law

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