martes, 1 de marzo de 2016

TT6, the tomb of Neferhotep

The ceiling is divided into rectangular areas by yellow bands edged with one or two red lines and having blue hieroglyphs. The patterns of the enclosed areas are varied, containing circles, rosettes, leaves, etc. (see tb-1728, tb-1727 and tb-1726).
At top of all the walls runs a frieze. This consists of a red background on which are images of the goddess Hathor with the head of a cow with horns, surmounting a woven basket. The frieze is separated from the underlying scenes by classical band formed of alternating coloured rectangular patterns.
TT6, the tomb of Neferhotep
Escena de la tumba de Neferhotep, TT 216,
Deir el Medina.

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