lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014


The fine mummiform coffin belonging to Nesmin, son of <!-->Ankh-hapy. The coffin is black with a gilded face mask, the inscriptions, pectoral and funerary deities incised in yellow. Beneath the pectoral, which terminates in falcon heads, is the figure of Nut, wings outstretched. Below her is a scene with the deceased mummified and lying on a bier, two goddesses and two seated deities on either side. The text around this, partially illegible, appears to name the deceased's father as <!-->Ankh-hapy. Other decoration includes the figures of various human and snake-headed deities along with the four Sons of Horus. At the foot end of the lid are two recumbent jackals representing Anubis and accompanied by 'utterances'. On the underside of the foot of the lid are the seated figures of Isis and Nephthys, flanking a djed-pillar that wears the atef-crown with pendant uraei.LIVERPOOL MUSEUM

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