martes, 30 de diciembre de 2014

The tomb of Meryra

The Holy of Holies was accessed through a far greater pylon than the previous one (see a computer generated view constructed by Vergnieux and Gondran).
It was doubly protected by two sections of out of line wall, preventing the view by laymen of the inside of this space, the most sacred of the whole of the Great Aten Temple complex.
The courtyard is centred by the main altar surrounded by secondary altars (view 21). It was here that Akhenaten gave worship in the most secret cult, theoretically in the morning and evening.
All around of this courtyard, doors open on to twelve smaller ones, each including a table of offerings.
There are no other doors, and therefore no communication with the large peripheral courtyard or either of the two rooms at the rear of the building.

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