lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2014


Fragment of a diorite cup, which documents the celebration of the 2nd Heb-sed festival of Horus Qa'a. Provenance: Djoser's step pyramid, galleries H and B, now in the Egyptian Museum Cairo, JE 55261 The importance of this passage lies mainly in its preserved text. It documents the 2nd Heb-sed of a king, which judging by other similar examples, can only be Horus Qa'a. Most of the serekh of the king, on the left of the inscription, has been lost. Gunn believes however, that the little that remains is the arm sign of the Horus name Qa'a. The celebration of this 2nd Heb-sed, leads us to believe that the reign of Qa may have been a long one. bibliography: Gunn, A.S.A.E XXVIII, p. 158. Pl I, 8.

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