lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2014


This is dedicated to the investiture of Meryra as "Great Seer of the Aten in the domain of the Aten that is in Akhetaten" by the king, accompanied by queen Nefertiti and princess Merytaten.

The bottom of this scene is based level with the "Window of Appearances" of the palace (view 92). This is decorated on its uprights with cartouches and at the base with a floral composition. At the top, the architrave is surmounted with uraei crowned with a disk. This is interrupted at the central part, thus perhaps indicating the entrance doors of the Aten temples, or perhaps because nothing must interrupt the progress of the luminous rays finishing in hands which come down from the disk which surmounts the scene.
Under the cornice,which acts as a balustrade, an immense semi-circular motif resembles an usekh-necklace. The king leans over this balustrade, and seem to be supported on a cushion, represented in dark red with rows of blue diamond shapes. Akhenaten leans from the window to give or to throw something, whilst he proclaims in front of all, the honour of the office which he confers on his servant Meryra.

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