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Fragment of a wall relief

Fragment of a wall relief

A scene comprising two sections. In the lower one, the deceased and his wife sit before a table of offerings as they receive the pious visit of their children and relatives. The upper one is incomplete.


Wsr sS mAa Hwt nTr m pr PtH PtHms n kA.k sntrw qbHw wn n k pt wn n k tA wn n k wAt zAt.f nbt pr Iniwhty mAa xrw
zAt.f mrt.f NAfy
The Osiris, excellent scribe of the sanctuary in the temple of Ptah, Ptahmes.
Let your ka have incense and libations. Let the sky be open for you, let the earth be open for you, let the road be disclosed to you.
His daughter, the lady of the house Iniuheti, justified.
His beloved daughter Nafi.
His beloved daughter Neferti, justified.
His beloved daughter Sawa.
His son the purifier, scribe in the sanctuary of Ptah, Hori, justified.
His daughter Muthati.
Iniunehet's nurse, Nafmentu.
His daughter Iniunehet, justified.
...that she may grant funerary provisions consisting of bread loaves and drink, oxen, geese, libations, wine, milk and all sorts of good things, (that she may grant) going out with the sun in all the forms he desires to the ka of the nobleman, royal scribe, overseer of the Pawer in the temple of Ptah, first chief of the Memphite nome, Ptahmes justified, blessed lord.



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