miércoles, 24 de diciembre de 2014

Mummy cloth

Mummy cloth
 On the upper part, traces of a winged Nut; white background with red latticework; underneath is an arch - black exterior and creamy colour in the middle; below that are blue, sometimes black triangles on a white background; at the other end and near the lowermost triangles is an occasional red dot. The remains of the winged Nut (one can still discern her knees) are outlined by a black border. Underneath is a horizontal band with two black lines and in the middle a blue line on a white background; underneath this are the four sons of Horus, on the outside, each on a white field with black border. On the upper left is a human-headed son (face framed by black border, black eyes, blue wig, cream face and shoulders and chest, mummiform body originally painted red, but the paint has destroyed the cloth, there are only contours in black left), underneath is a band of text with a spell; below is a jackal-headed son of Horus (cream-coloured face, shoulders and chest, black inner details, blue wig, mummiform body, red with black outlines on white background); to the upper right is the baboon-headed son of Horus (depicted like the human-headed one, red body also destroyed), underneath is the falcon-headed son of Horus (depicted like the jackal-headed one), underneath is a band of text with a spell and right at the bottom is a white-blue-black border similar to the one at the top. Underneath a depiction of the feet with sandals.



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